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New Geeks Without God Episode is Live!

This week’s episode is just the three of us talking about atheism.  We spent some time talking about the differences between “atheist” and “non-believer” before we moved on to talk about the Atheism Plus movement.  We also found time to read through another set of listener questions.  There’s a lot of big ideas and we didn’t really have time to get in-depth but it’s an interesting conversation about what is going on in the atheism movement right now.

Or at least a month ago when we recorded the episode.  If you choose to listen, I hope you enjoy it.

What the Fuck is Wrong with People?

I wrote about the conversation surrounding Atheism Plus a few weeks ago.  In general, I like the idea.  I don’t think it needs to be all of what being an atheist is about (neither does anyone else) but I think it’s a good idea and I don’t understand the vitriol that is aimed at the people spearheading the idea.

That vitriol has managed to silence one of the voices behind that movement (at least for a time) and now I’m going to ask what the fuck is wrong with you people?

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Some Stuff for Guys to Think About

Hey guys – this post is for you.  I know that some of us atheist guys don’t know what to think about the feminist movement in atheism right now.  Some of us might feel a little bit threatened by it.  Being a guy, I think I have a pretty good idea where you are coming from.

Ladies, I’m afraid this isn’t for you.  I’m going to be talking about guy stuff.  I don’t want you to feel excluded, though.  You are totally welcome to read if you want.

But this is really something that I need to share with my boyfriends out there.  We’ll be talking about football and swimsuit models and stuff.  You probably wouldn’t be interested.

Are the ladies gone?  I’m pretty sure I just passive aggressively got rid of them…

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Atheism Plus What?

I’m an atheist.  We all know that.  When it comes to activism and atheism, I’m on the fringes.  I consider myself a comedian and because of that, I take what is going on in the atheist movement just seriously enough to joke about it.

Because what is going on right now is pretty serious and, to my way of thinking, you need to be able to joke about it just to get past all of the vitriol.

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