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Reality Hurts

In the wake of yet another senseless slaughter, I’ve seen many of my friends argue that something should be done and they offer up their opinions as to what the solution should be.  They argue for more guns or fewer guns.  They argue for more god.  They argue for more mental health care.  They argue against “politicizing” the event by arguing for or against guns, god or mental health care.

What everyone is trying to do is come to grips with something that makes no sense.  Who would kill twenty children deliberately?  How could anyone do that?  We don’t understand and we want to find something that will create a just universe where these things will never happen again.

Do I support reasonable restrictions on gun ownership?  Yes I do.  I want to be clear that I don’t believe that people should not be permitted to own guns.  I do believe that some restrictions on dangerous weapons may help reduce the amount of damage a crazy person with a gun can do.

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