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Comedy Blogging – Clash of Clans

We have a new obsession at my house.

I don’t know if you’ve seen the commercials for “Clash of Clans” but if you have and you want to know what the game all about, you should come over.  We have clans clashing all over the place.  If any of us can take a moment to put down our mobile device to talk to you, we’ll give you a guided tour.

Let me explain how the game works.  Basically, you have a little town that looks a bit like a medieval SimCity.  You can build and upgrade buildings and you can also train troops like archers, giants, Agents of SHIELD, rabid Chihuahuas, and Smart cars.

Your troops are used to attack other people’s medieval Sim Cities.  If you are successful, you make off with their gold and elixir, the two important resources you need to build and upgrade your town.  There is a third resource, gems, which I will describe in more detail later.

Buildings in your town have three functions.  The first function is to produce and store resources.  The second function is to produce more powerful and varied troops.  The third function is to protect your town from other invading armies.

Nobody in this town lives anywhere.  There are no houses or schools or stores or libraries.  The quality of life for your little SimClan is pretty much tied up in producing more and better troops so you can steal more resources so you can build and upgrade more buildings so you can produce more and better troops.  It is the digital equivalent of the circle of life but with fewer zebras.

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