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Thoughts about a Successful Failure

Sometimes you come up with an idea for a show and it seems to fit perfectly with your vision as a company.  You think you have a great idea how to approach it.  The audience laughs and you feel you had a success.

And in one way, you did.  Most of the audience left the theatre thinking your show was hilarious.  You can’t please everyone so it is foolish to try.  However, it is the way in which you displease those audience members that says a lot about the success or failure of your show.

Friday’s Vilification Tennis show was, by most measures, a success.  We only had one structure that didn’t work and we got a lot of laughs.  Most of the people who left the theatre thought it was a very funny show and they told us so.

Not so the people who left the theatre early.  Clearly we crossed a line that made them uncomfortable.  Too uncomfortable to stay in the theatre.

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