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Alphabetical Movie – Lilo & Stitch

As a fan of the Disney theme parks, I have a bone to pick with Lilo & Stitch.  Actually, it’s really just Stitch.

See, Stich has become the most popular Disney character who isn’t named named Mickey.  He might actually be more popular than Mickey Mouse but you won’t find anyone at Disney who will admit that out loud.

Because of his popularity, Disney is always on the lookout for more ways to make money of off the little blue guy.  They can only sell so many mouse ears, I guess.  They have to peddle something else.

The result is an effort to find more places to plug in Stitch.  So they plugged him in where he didn’t belong.  It isn’t his fault, really.  I still blame him, though.

See, in Tomorrowland, they used to have a ride called the “ExtraTERROREestrial Alien Encounter” and it kicked holy ass.  I’m not saying it was Space Mountain good because that would be crazy talk.

It was pretty close, though.

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