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Short Story – Hot Tea

Hot TeaIt has been a while since my last short story.  Fortunately, I signed up to do a storytelling show about dragons and I was compelled to write something new!

This entire story grew out of being amused by the idea of a dragon sipping tea.  I don’t know why that image really stuck with me but it resulted in what I wrote here.

I also made the decision to avoid giving the dragon a gender.  It is not the same as creating a truly gender neutral character – something I hope I can do in a future story – but I didn’t feel the gender of the dragon was relevant.

As always, I hope you take a moment to read, comment, share and enjoy!

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Short Story – Collecting Lives

This week’s short story was written to be presented as part of The Encyclopedia Show at Die Laughing.  The theme of the show was public transportation.

The format for The Encyclopedia Show allows performers to present anything that connects to the theme.  Because I’ve been writing a lot of fiction, I decided to write a story about a bus driver

It’s a much more bittersweet story that I typically write and it is more of a character study than anything else.  But hey – it’s about public transportation!  Sort of.

For being written in a state of sleep deprivation at 8:00 in the morning, I feel like it turned out well.  As always, feel free to read, comment, and share!

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Short Story – A Long Flight

unnamed-5I was on an airplane when I started writing this next story.  That might give some indication of my inspiration for what followed.  I was also thinking about how I’d like to write a fantasy story because I’ve not written one of those in some time.

So I hit on this, which takes a rather strange and wacky turn in the middle.  Right now, I feel like I need to re-work the opening and turn it into a radio script for CONvergence this year.

I hope this one makes you smile a little.  As always, I appreciate anyone who takes the time to read my story and definitely anyone who choses to share and/or comment!

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Short Story – The Girl Who Spoke To a Bear

grizzly-bears-16I’m working on a play right now involving lycanthropy.  As part of that, I’m trying to create legends that will be woven in as support of the main narrative.  I’ve been researching some Native American myths that could be considered sources for modern werewolf stories. 

What I wrote this week is stylistically a sort of bedtime story that could have vaguely Native American origins.  It is inspired by an existing myth but really retains very little of the original.

With a story like this, I worry a little bit about cultural appropriation.  I am not Native American and I am not trying to write a story from the perspective of a Native American.  Rather, I want this story to feel like it comes from universal source of tales passed down verbally before they were written.

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Short Story – Lunch with Clara

200px-Lurker_AboveAfter last week’s story, which was super dark, I decided I wanted to write something funny this week.  I also noticed that I’ve been writing a lot of science fiction and horror but not a lot of fantasy.

So I started with thinking about some of the creatures from my old Monster Manual and things grew from there.  I’m not entirely sure at what point I decided to turn my characters into teenagers but when I made that decision, it changed the entire direction of the story.

This one is a lot more dialogue driven.  Go figure – I’m a playwright.

And I can’t tell you how much it amuses me that this story features a ghoul named “Eugene.”  The name Eugene always makes me laugh.  I’m sorry to anyone named Eugene.  I can’t help it.

As always, I really enjoy feedback on these stories and I appreciate anyone who takes the time to read them.

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Short Story – Delicate Negotiations

gty_white_house_jt_1300511_wblogThis week, my story started with the opening line.  I mean, it always starts with the opening line.  In this case, though, it was the entire genesis of the idea.  I just started with a President in the oval office needing to go to do something important.

From there, I just thought about what might make for a very unusual day in the life of the President of the United States.  And then I asked myself what it would be like if it wasn’t that unusual at all.

The end result is a slightly silly story about what happens when two different worlds intersect.

As always, I’d love to hear any feedback you might have.  Thanks for reading!

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