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A Geeks Without God Double Date

Geeks Without GodWe finally managed to get my wife scheduled for an episode of Geeks Without God!  Pat joined us to talk about television, which is a subject that has been rather lightly covered on previous GWG podcasts.  Sometimes our 30 minute format means that we only scratch the surface of a particular topic and this episode is a fine example of that problem.  We briefly touched on a lot of different atheist characters and how they are depicted.  It is a broad topic worthy of a lot more discussion.

I imagine we’ll have to ask Pat back.

Time for a Tuesday Morning Cuppa Geeks Without God

Geeks Without GodWe recorded this week’s episode almost two months ago and I’ve felt awful that it hasn’t gone up until now.  I mean, we always knew it wasn’t going up until mid December but Brianne was a lot of fun and when you know you have a fun episode waiting out there, you want to post it now!

Brianne Bilyeu writes the Bidork blog on Freethought Blogs, which I enjoy a great deal.  She does a lot of photoblogging, which is something that I wish I had more time to do.  We talked about photoblogging a big on the podcast.

In fact, we talked about all sorts of stuff.   The conversation is sort of all over the place.  And a lot of fun.  So have a listen if that’s your thing!

CONvergence 2012 Highlights

There were a few low points at CONvergence 2012 but they aren’t even worth mentioning.  Most of them had to do with last minute planning failures and my complete inability to sleep past 7:30, even when I went to sleep at 5:00 A.M.

So forget that stuff, here’s some of my best moments from CONvergence 2012 (more or less in chronological order):

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