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Shit that Pissed me off This Week – 6/22

Michigan House Passes a Bill that Says it is OK for Counselors to Discriminate Against Gay People

Here’s the facts:  A graduate student in counseling was dismissed from her graduate program when she refused to help a suicidal gay student because (you guessed it) she’s a Christian.  She sued (of course) and lost (of course).

Well the Michigan House can’t help her but they can definitely help the next homophobic therapist tell a suicidal patient to find someone else by passing an “antidiscrimination” law that will allow people to discriminate!

Why didn’t they say “hey, if your religious beliefs prevent you from counseling certain people, maybe you shouldn’t become a therapist?”  

Suck it up and tell the gay kid he has something to live for.  Because he does.  According to you, all he has to look forward to when he dies is hell so do the compassionate thing and help him enjoy the 100 years he’s going to be living outside of the lake of fire.

It’s what Jesus would do.

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