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Shit that Pissed me Off – 3/24

Soccer Player who Had his Girlfriend Murdered and Fed to Dogs Gets Out of Jail and Proceeds to Get a Job Playing Soccer

Look, I honestly believe that someone charged with a crime should serve their time but then they should have the chance to live their life.  People make horrible, awful, stupid, mistakes and sometimes we need to be big and forgive them.  Give them a chance to be better people.

We aren’t, generally, interested in such things.  We are interested in placing people into the category of “generally a good person” or “they should be dead.”

So anyway, Bruno Fernandes de Souza was a star goaltender in the Most Popular Sport in Every Country But America (TM) and he had his girlfriend murdered and fed to dogs. He was sentenced to 22 years but after only six years, he was released on a technicality.

So what happened next?  He got a chance to play Soccer again.  Because he’s that good.  Or at least he was.

I am grateful my life has reached a point where I had need of this image.

I might even be able to deal with that if he wasn’t an insufferable jackass.  He basically categorized what he did as “a mistake.”  To be fair, he did say it was “a serious one.”

And here’s the thing – he’s has a skill that is important to a lot of people and that means he will get as many chances so long as he’s still good at it.  And that’s the bullshit message of this story.

You can get away with murder.  As long as you are a celebrity.

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Life isn’t fair. Anyone who says Differently is Selling Something.

Over the weekend, I went to a Minnesota Atheist meeting in Minneapolis to hear Stephanie Svan speak on justice in a “just world.”

Her talk coincided with a Christian posting a comment on my Inherit the Wind blog in which she said, in part:

I don’t feel my children are growing up ignorant because we teach them that they are gifts on loan from God to us, and they are loved and cared for by parents and a God who loves them dearly and has an awesome plan and purpose for their lives.

If I had a fundamental objection to religion, it is this idea that god has a “plan” for us.  It plays into this idea that the universe is inherently a “fair” place.  Yet the facts suggest that this is not the case.

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