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Monday morning comedy – The Flashback version

I have a new Movie Dick article up over at the Vilification Tennis website today.

Actually, it was up last Monday but the site was down for the majority of the week so you didn’t have the pleasure of reading my witty observations on last year’s most popular movies.  Now you can do so!

I know you are sick of 2012 “best of” lists and that is really what the article is all about.  So please read and have a chuckle or two.

Monday Morning Comedy Orgy!

Lots of new content over at Vilification Tennis this morning and I had a hand in most of it!

First, you can check out an article I wrote about the aftermath of the recent election.

You can also read a new Movie Dick article that explores the most important reason for the success of Skyfall.

And finally, we have recorded a Vilification Tennis Podcast at the convention.  It was recorded late at night and everyone was pretty drunk.  And by “pretty drunk,” I mean “completely wasted.”

So please listen, read and enjoy!

I Wrote Something “Funny”

I’m still contributing content to the Vilification Tennis website on a pseudo regular basis.  For those unaware, I write columns as The Movie Dick approximately every other week.

This week, I wrote an article about the movie Flight.  The idea came to me in the shower yesterday morning.  I’m not sure if that will make it more or less likely anyone will read the article.

I’ve Written and Recorded more Stuff you can Listen to and Read!

New content day over at Vilification Tennis.  I’ve written a new Movie Dick article about the upcoming “Oscar season” in the movie theatres.

Additionally, I’ve recorded a new podcast with a few of the vilifiers in which we discuss disparate topics like the price of Brazilian virginity, the most badass American Presidents and Halloween costumes.  It’s a pretty funny podcast, which is good because that was the goal.

So please, listen and/or read!  Thanks!

New Movie Silliness written by me

I have a new Movie Dick article up for New Content day on the Vilification Tennis website.  I make fun of Kate Beckinsale who, I’m sorry to say, is a pretty easy target.

New stuff with the funny and the jokes!

There is a whole ton of new stuff at the Vilification Tennis website and, as things work out sometimes, I wrote a lot of it.

So, if you’d like to read a silly piece about The Supreme Court decision, you can do that!

I also wrote a Movie Dick article about Brave.

And there is a new podcast up and available for your listening pleasure!

As if all of that wasn’t enough, we have a video of the CONvergence 2011 grudge match between Brian Keene and C. Robert Cargill!

There’s other stuff too – it’s a big week.  That’s just the stuff I wrote/am in.

New comdey! Waka Waka!

This Monday, I have two new silly bits over at the Vilification Tennis Website.

The first is a Movie Dick article that takes aim at “Twilight” fans.  I know, I know, easy target.

The second is a new episode of our Vilification Tennis Podcast – Episode 5, Geoffrey’s Rastafarian Balls.