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Alphabetical Movie – Kiki’s Delivery Service

My youngest is at the age where he is capable of watching movies over and over again.  He’s reached the point, though, where he doesn’t watch the entire movie.  He’ll only watch parts of it.

He seems to be keyed in to the Alphabetical Movie Project a little bit.  This may be a result of the fact that I try to watch most kids’ movies with the kids.  Makes it a nice family event.  What it means, though, is that Devon has typically already been watching the next movie on the list.

He won’t watch the movie all the way through, though.  He’ll just watch his favorite parts over and over again.  Often he’ll watch the end of the movie and then skip to somewhere in the middle and then skip to someplace near the end again and then go back to the beginning.  It’s as if he is taking these films and trying to cut them together the way Quentin Tarantino might.

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