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Another Podcast Guest Appearance

This week, my Geeks Without God colleagues and I sat down with the good folks at Apropos of Nothing to talk about Fearless comedy and whatever else came to mind.  Actually, we spent almost no time talking about Fearless but it was a good excuse to sit down and record a podcast.

You can listen to me drink good scotch, some chatter about what we all did for New Year’s Eve and near the end, Salsa and I have words about pasta.  Frequently we prove that six people talking at once is exactly why most people don’t podcast with six people.  Ever.

I don’t want to overstate it, but Apropos of Nothing has never been a better name for a podcast.

This is part one of a massive podcasting crossover EVENT!  Listen to part two on Geeks Without God next Tuesday!

Listen to the insanity here!