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What do I do now?

I’m not happy about the outcome of the Presidential election.  This should come as no surprise to anyone.  I feel we, as a country, chose a narcissistic, sexist, xenophobic, racist, bully to lead us and that feels like an extraordinarily bad choice.  In addition, we kept the houses of congress in control of the Republicans and that means there is, effectively, no-one to temper the agenda of our bully-in-cheif.

It would be easy to point fingers all sorts of directions.  Could Bernie have beaten Trump?  Maybe. We don’t know that but maybe.  Should the electoral college be fixed?  Sure, but not before we fix the gerrymandered districts that work so heavily in the favor of Republicans that proposals to “fix” the system may well have given Trump more electoral votes and make it nearly impossible for a Democrat to ever win a Presidential election.

Protests against President-elect Trump (I hate typing that) are fine.  They remind the Republican “majority” that there is a large swath of the country they do not serve and that is important.  The protests themselves will not change much.  They help us vent some anger, which is valid.  They will not change Trump’s agenda (because he doesn’t really know what it is).

But look – there are things that we liberals can do over the next four years that can help everyone. Including the people who voted for Trump. It seems to me that progressive, positive actions can make a difference.  I know these suggestions don’t represent everything we can do.  They do represent a lot of very simple (and a few very difficult) things that will have an impact. Read More…