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Shit that Pissed me off this Week – 12/13

Michigan Passes a bill Forcing Women to Purchase an Insurance Rider for Abortions

The bill specifically prohibits insurance companies from covering abortions except in cases where the mother’s life is threatened.

The idea here is to save certain people from the horrible guilt of paying into an insurance plan that covers abortions.  This way, only people who might want an abortion would be in the insured pool and other women would be able to enjoy guilt free insurance.

With a little fresh fruit, this insurance policy can be part of a guilt-free breakfast!

The problem is that the opponents of the bill are complaining that women have to basically bet on whether or not they will be the victim of rape or incest.  While that is true, it continues the dangerous trend of making the conversation about abortion all about rape and incest.

The basic idea that 50% of the population of Michigan is getting told that their insurance will be legally prevented from covering a medical procedure is a bigger problem than arguing about why they might want that procedure.

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