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New Show art!

I’ve not been showing off art for shows the last couple of months because the last two Vilification show posters are good but got thrown together at the last minute.  For the March shows, we got a little ahead of the game for the first time in a while.

The March Vilification Tennis show is one of my favorites – the Game Show.  I love putting this show together and I love performing it.  We all do. It’s one of the reasons we have it on our schedule every year.

My biggest problem is balancing the number of performers who want to appear in the show with the number of performers I can reasonably cast.

Well, it’s coming up and again and to celebrate, here’s the art by John Newstrom!  Also, here is a link to show information!

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Vilification Tennis Geek Show Art!

So I’m going to come right out and admit that the art for the July Vilification Tennis show looks like really bad photoshopping.

The good news:  That was the point!  Bad photoshopping is a geek thing.  About the only thing missing from the image is a cat.    John is so good at photoshop, he can make his photoshopping look bad on purpose.

I’m sure this one is going to be a portfolio piece for him.

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