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Shit that Pissed Me Off this Week – 8/2

British Jackass Arrested for Objecting to Jane Austen

So the Brits change the faces on their currency every now and again to discourage counterfeiters.  I’m pretty sure it doesn’t work but bravo to them for trying.

Their 10-Pound note currently sports Charles Darwin, which is a great choice.  In a few years, Darwin will be replaced by Jane Austen.  This also seems like a great choice.

However, a few complete assholes feel that Austen doesn’t belong on British cash because there’s already a woman on every bill produced in the country.  The reigning monarch is prominently displayed on the front of every note and Elizabeth is still filling that role thankyouverymuch.  Because the ladies get the front of every note, a few assholes think the back should be reserved for the guys.

Anything less than a 50/50 spilt constitutes misandry, or something.

Doesn’t she just look like a feminazi?????

So one fellow was so upset that women were taking over his money, he decided to harass one of the proponents of the change via Twitter.  I’m not sure if he was aware that death threats are illegal in England but he sure didn’t seem to be aware that when you make such threats via Twitter, it’s pretty easy for people to figure out who is making them.

Especially when you are sending over 50 abusive tweets per hour.  It gets a lot easier to track a guy

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