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Shit that Pissed me off This Week – 4/5

New York’s Cardinal Dolan wants to Improve the Catholic Church’s Message about Gay Marriage

Oh that’s great Cardinal!  I’m glad to see that a high-ranking member of the Catholic Church finally realizes that the Church has no right to make moral judgements for those individuals who aren’t Catholic and you’d stay out of the political arena and…wait a minute.

No.  That’s not what he thinks at all.  He wants gay people to know that sex is only OK if you are trying to produce offspring so while it is totally OK to be gay, you can’t actually have sex or be married or anything like that.  Gay people are totally entitled to friendship, though.

He also wants gay people to know that the Catholic Church is not anti “anybody.”  They don’t hate gay people.  They just want to make sure that gay people know they aren’t permitted to sexual fulfillment the way straight people are.

I came up with a new message! What do you guys think?

So basically, the difference between gay guys having male friends who are gay and me having male friends who are gay is a lifetime of unresolved sexual tension?  I bring this up an awful lot but you know what?  If that is really what god wants for gay people, god is a dick.

How about you work on improving that message, Cardinal?

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Alphabetical Movie – Last Action Hero

Last Action Hero is a film that, depending on who you ask, is either an expensive failure or far better than people think. In geek circles, it is one of those movies that typically inspires lengthy tirades about how the movie is misunderstood and how the critics were idiots and how the movie is actually brilliant.

And when it comes to the critical savaging the film received, I’m in general agreement that they blew it.  The movie wasn’t as bad as all that.  It isn’t that bad at all.  In fact it is, at times, very good.

I’d stop short of calling it brilliant.

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