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Geeks Without God, UNCENCORED!

Geeks Without GodThis week features the second episode we were able to record at Skep-Tech this year.  We sat down with Zach Weinersmith from Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal and we talked about censorship. Zach gave a talk about censorship at the conference and his talk served as the springboard for a lot of conversation about when (if ever) censorship might be a good thing.

We were able to record in front of a live audience, which is, for me at least, my favorite way to record the podcast.  We managed to get much better sound quality for this one versus our last Skep-Tech panel although I really need to work on getting some better equipment for panels like this.  Perhaps there is a rich atheist out here just itching to give a group of godless geeky comedians a thousand dollars for some ace equipment.

But I digress.  Zach was a really great guest and I’m very happy with the episode.  Make sure you listen to our five questions because we get to work on unlocking the gay agenda!  Enjoy!

Geeks Without God Chat it up at a Convention

Geeks Without GodThis past weekend, my Geeks Without God compatriots and I were asked to host a panel at the Skep-Tech convention this weekend.  Thinking it was cool to be invited as guests to a convention, we happily accepted.  We were given an all-star lineup that included Chelsea du Fresne, an evolutionary biologist and one of the convention organizers, Greta Christina, author of “Why are you Atheists so Angry: 99 Things that Piss off the Godless,” Tim Farley, creator of What’s the Harm and Zach Weinersmith, writer and illustrator of Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal.

We were a little unsure of what to do for a panel so we decided to just do a talk about skepticism and technology.  It was interesting but of course immediately after the panel, I came up with a much better topic!  We should have talked about skepticism and entertainment!

Damn it!

I hope they ask us back next year (if there is a next year) so we can do that.

So there were some technical challenges recording on this one.  I had to record from a table mic in a gigantic room where the panelists were using microphones.  For all the challenges, the sound turned out far better than I feared.

There are a few edits on this one because a few audience members asked fairly long questions and they were too far away from the mic to be understood.  I cut a few of those out just to get rid of what was effectively dead air.

So listen if you like!  Our panelists were super interesting!