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Shit that Pissed me off – 4/4

Idiot Climbs a Rock, Injures Himself and Sues the City for Creating Unsafe Conditions

This moron is probably going to win, too.

He saw a rock sculpture and thought it looked like a lot of fun to climb around on it.  I don’t blame him.  I would have thought the same thing.  I would need a taser and some bungee cords to stop my kids from climbing on something like that.


Here’s a picture of one of my kids on a rock at Yosemite National Park. There are a lot of rocks at Yosemite National Park and he’s climbed on damn near every one of them.

There were no signs telling him he couldn’t so he jumped on the thing, landed awkwardly and tore his Achilles tendon.  Ouch!

Now he’s suing the city.  Because he did a reckless thing and hurt himself.  Also because he probably has crappy health insurance.

Look dude, if you are going to jump on a rock because it looks like fun, you need to recognize the risks.  If you don’t want to get hurt, don’t jump on the fucking rock.

The only unsafe condition the city created was they one they created when they allowed you to leave your house every morning.

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Combating Rationality with Irrationality

As a skeptic/atheist, I spend a fair amount of time reading popular blogs by individuals who think like I do.  It makes sense, right?  We all seek our tribe.

I do try to read stuff written by people with whom I disagree as well but that sort of thing tends to piss me off (I can only read so many creationist screeds) so I confess I don’t do nearly as much of that.

So in the last week, there has been a dust-up at FreethoughtBlogs (FtB) over the issue of harassment policy at skeptical conferences.

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