Vaudevilification Tennis

We haveseveral great artists who have produced some terrific and funny work for Vilification Tennis over the years and I don’t do a good job acknowledging their work.  I’m not going to do this every month, but when we get a particularly good looking piece of work, I’m going to start posting them.

Below the fold is the poster John Newstrom produced for our upcoming Vaudevilification Tennis show.  I think it’s fantastic and you should look.

The idea actually grew out of a conversation we had after recording our first podcast.  The initial idea for our June 23rd show was a White Male Priveledge show and I still like the idea.  We’ll do it at some point.

This idea is so much more fun, though.  We are going to be trying to do scripted vaudeville routines in the Vilification Tennis style.  Anyone looking for a bunch of people shouting insults will be a dissappointed, I’m afraid.

Instead, we’ll be doing something very different and it has a lot of us excited.

We have Scott Keever playing piano, Laszlo Nemesi and Jeff Neppl providing puppet Silliness, the Dreg ladies (Suze, Molly and Rachael) will be a Andrews Sisters-style singing team and Joseph Scrimshaw will provide something as well.

I think the poster captures the nostalgia of the idea as well as the wacky comedy we hope to present.  I’m very excited about the idea and I hope it ends up being as entertaining to watch as it has been to conceptualize.

The show is going to be at 10:00 PM on Saturday, June 23rd at the Bryant Lake Bowl.  For information about other shows I’m doing, you can look at my upcoming performances page.

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