Geeks Without God Explores Another Movie

Geeks Without GodSo this week, we decided to watch “Religulous;” Bill Maher’s film about religion, and record a podcast about it.  Molly took copious notes on the movie and, I have to say, made me look like a complete douche because I didn’t actually take any notes at all.  I just watched the movie like a freaking amateur.  I think that for all of us, the movie represented something of a turning point in our rejection of the god hypothesis.

For me, the movie represented the first time I really understood the stakes of failing to say that I was an atheist.  Every time I chose not to simply be up front about who I was and what I believed, I was making it that much harder for the next person who felt the same way.  Maher wasn’t afraid to say that he rejected religion and it made it easier for me to say the same thing.

So this week’s podcast is about our thoughts about the film.  Enjoy!

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