Geeks Without God Talks About Conventions!

Geeks Without GodThis week, we brought our friend Matt Savelkoul back to the podcast so we could talk about conventions and atheism.  We are appearing at the Skep-Tech conference this weekend so the episode works as sort of a set-up for that appearance.  Actually, we spend most of the podcast talking about CONvergence because that is the convention all of us know the best.  Given the breadth of the topic, it’s pretty amazing that we managed to keep the podcast under one hour.

Matt also gets to ask us five questions because he’s been on the podcast before.  I gotta say that I love having return guests because as much as I enjoy our five questions, I enjoy the change up when someone gets to ask their own questions because it’s different every time.  I also like spending time talking about what I like. That’s why I’m co-hosting a podcast, I expect.

One final bonus, if you listen to the podcast, you can find out how to win a free copy of Atheist Voices of Minnesota!  That’s cool, right?

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