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Shit that Pissed me off – 1/31

Oklahoma Lawmaker Wants To Ban All Marriages

There we have it ladies and gentlemen, the nuclear option!  If we can’t stop those pesky gays from getting married, we’ll just stop everyone from getting married.

We all knew this had to happen eventually, right?  While these people aren’t bigots or homophobes (just ask them), they are willing to carpet bomb the entire idea of marriage rather than allow that their idea of what marriage should be in not the only valid one.

When you write stuff down in your idea journal in the morning, sometimes it should stay in the idea journal

In the process, a party that seems really interested in preserving the rights of the small businessperson is willing to propose a law that will screw over thousands of them!  Every event planner, photographer, florist and baker in Oklahoma will lose a whole lot of income if there aren’t any weddings.

But who are we kidding?  Churches will still be allowed to perform weddings.  And because they are churches, they are welcome to discriminate (or not discriminate) in any way they see fit.

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Combating Rationality with Irrationality

As a skeptic/atheist, I spend a fair amount of time reading popular blogs by individuals who think like I do.  It makes sense, right?  We all seek our tribe.

I do try to read stuff written by people with whom I disagree as well but that sort of thing tends to piss me off (I can only read so many creationist screeds) so I confess I don’t do nearly as much of that.

So in the last week, there has been a dust-up at FreethoughtBlogs (FtB) over the issue of harassment policy at skeptical conferences.

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