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A Plompf Of Cats

My family owns four cats.

After about ten minutes of research on the internet, I have determined that we are not crazy cat people.  In order to qualify as crazy cat people, we would need to have reached at least double digit cat ownership.  We are no fewer than six cats short of crazy cat person status.

We do own one more cat than the city we call home allows.  You are permitted up to three dogs and three cats.  Four cats, however, is excessive and you must be stopped.  To ensure that our children will not have to deal with the trauma of police bashing down our doors and forcibly removing one of our cats, I am keeping our city of residence a closely guarded secret.

My wife, who frequently takes an afternoon nap, spends a lot more time with the cats than I do.  In the afternoon, all four of them can usually be found on the bed.  When all four of them are curled up in a single mound of contentment, she has decided to refer to the resulting pile of fur, feet and ears as a “Plompf.” I think this is because it roughly emulates the noise a cat makes when it jumps up onto the bed and flops into position.


This is a very contented plompf

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Shit that Pissed me off This Week – 4/12

North Carolina Republicans are Pushing a Bill for a Two Year waiting Period on Divorce

Explain to me how this is less government again?

Now I have to be honest.  I think couples who are considering divorce should have a cooling off period.  They probably should get couples therapy to see if they can work out whatever differences they have.  Unless there is abuse, of course, then I think that the marriage needs to be ended as quickly as possible.

That opinion, by the way, is not shared by the authors of this bill.  There is no exception for spouses trying to escape abuse.

No matter what my personal opinions may be, however, I don’t think that the state should be the one that gets to decide when a couple has tried hard enough to keep their marriage together.  To be blunt, how the fuck would the state know?

I’m not so sure gay people would want to get married in North Carolina

The law in question may even start the clock over if it can be proven the couple has had sex after filing for divorce.  So let me get this straight – you want them to make sure they work on their marriage before they call it quits but if, in the natural course of working on their marriage, they have sex, they will get punished by having to remain married longer.  The logic is completely idiotic.

Work on your marriage.


I’m sorry – now you are going to have to work on the marriage more.

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