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Shit that Pissed Me Off – 4/13/18

Black Teenager Asks for Directions and Almost Gets Shot

Post racist America is alive and well in Rochester Hills, Michigan.

14-year-old Brennan Walker (yes – you read that right – he’s fourteen) missed his bus and he got lost. Sounds pretty scary, right? Not compared to what happened next.

Next, he rang a doorbell to ask directions. The woman who answered the door freaked out and said he was trying to rob them. Because most robbers ring the doorbell.

Her husband grabbed a gun and that’s when Brennan ran. As he was running away, the dude shot at him. Fortunately, he missed or Brennan would be a statistic and his murderers would be claiming they were in fear for their lives to avoid going to jail.

And they probably were.

Because they are racist fucks who freaked out when a black kid came to their door. The guy who shot at Brennan (who was convinced he was a “good guy with a gun”) is facing charges but we all know he’s probably going to get away with it. Because a fourteen year old kid asking for directions was a credible threat.

Maybe if he’d been selling girl scout cookies, they wouldn’t have shot at him. Oh who am I kidding? They would have claimed he’d stolen them.

What’s sad is Brennan’s mom told him this could happen. She warned him that people would be afraid of him because he’s young and black. The warning probably saved his life because he ran away from the murdering racists before they could murder him.

Isn’t it great, though, that the mothers of black young men need to prepare them for situations like this? Because they actually happen?

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Reality Hurts

In the wake of yet another senseless slaughter, I’ve seen many of my friends argue that something should be done and they offer up their opinions as to what the solution should be.  They argue for more guns or fewer guns.  They argue for more god.  They argue for more mental health care.  They argue against “politicizing” the event by arguing for or against guns, god or mental health care.

What everyone is trying to do is come to grips with something that makes no sense.  Who would kill twenty children deliberately?  How could anyone do that?  We don’t understand and we want to find something that will create a just universe where these things will never happen again.

Do I support reasonable restrictions on gun ownership?  Yes I do.  I want to be clear that I don’t believe that people should not be permitted to own guns.  I do believe that some restrictions on dangerous weapons may help reduce the amount of damage a crazy person with a gun can do.

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