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Shit that Pissed me Off This Week – 2/8

Catholic Girls Take a no Profanity pledge but Catholic Boys Don’t

Apparently use of profanity is “unladylike” but it is totally “manlike.”

I can actually support the idea of using more civil language in school but not because a civil tongue is a function of gender identity.  I’m  (obviously) not opposed to swearing but keeping foul language out of discourse in school can, I think, make it easier to learn.

In this case, though, what the young ladies are learning is that they are expected to be proper young ladies while the boys can be vulgar and nasty and, basically, act like assholes.  That’s OK, you see, because they are boys.

Can the girls do this or is it also unladylike?

Well I cry bullshit (I can say that because I’m a guy).  If you want civil discourse in school, you can’t exclude the boys from the conversation.  When you do, you are making it very clear that the young men at that school are simultaneously better than the young women because they can say whatever they want and worse because they can’t be counted on to control themselves.

In other words, swear up a fucking storm, guys!  God says it’s OK!!!!

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