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Shit that Pissed me Off – 7/26

Pastor Says that He’s Never met Anyone who Didn’t Regret Having Sex Before Marriage

I must assume, then, that he’s met very few people who have had sex before marriage.

I need to meet this guy because then he will have met one person who is completely happy with the decision to have sex before marriage.  Then I’ll introduce him to a whole lot of other people.  Many of whom are Christians.

See, I’m used to self-righteous idiots like this talking out of their asses.  But why say something so easy to refute?  Especially because the guy has to realize that what he is saying is bullshit, doesn’t he?  How can you not realize that what you are saying is bullshit when you say something so incredibly stupid?

I’m betting a million dollars that this dude has never regretted having sex outside of marriage.

In fact, when presented with evidence that what he said was bullshit, he turned off the comments on his post and deleted all of the comments that disproved his statement.  Because when faced with evidence that you put your foot in your mouth, the best thing you can possibly do is destroy the evidence.  And this jerk would probably want to ask me where I get a moral compass without god.

Seems like god hasn’t done him any favors in that department.

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Shit that Pissed me Off This Week – 3/15

No New Life in Lake Vostok

I get frustrated when science is doing something cool – in this case sampling water from a lake buried under four kilometers of ice to see if there is life there – and the results are less than thrilling.

I mean, it should be enough that they drilled through four kilometers of ice and took a sample of the lake water to begin with.  And I admit, that is pretty fucking cool.

I was really hoping they would find something else there.  Maybe they still will but for right now, it looks like the only thing they discovered was water.

Admit it. It would have been way cooler if they’d found one of these!

I don’t want to sound bitter but I’ve seen water before.

*Note: It isn’t over yet.  There is a lot more scientific work to be done.  For now, though, there are no ice monsters in Antarctica.  Dammit.

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