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Short Story – Halfway to the Haven

DSC00503I had some writer’s block slowing my writing for a few weeks.  I was working on this one and just didn’t really know where it was going.  I forced myself to push on and just figure it out.

About halfway through, I had an “a-ha” moment where I finally realized what I was writing.  Then I had to go back and make some massive changes on the opening.  Eventually, I came up with this.

I can’t deny there is more to this story.  I expect a lot of readers are going to have questions and I do have answers to a lot of them.  I left a lot of stuff intentionally vague because I think it is more interesting if the reader comes up with their own ideas about certain parts of the story.

If you do read any of my writing – thanks!  I’m always interested in your feedback and thoughts about my writing.

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Short Story – Ambassador Krellnik

Hubble_Ultra_Deep_Field_part_dThis week’s story is a more humorous piece that grew out of a character name.  I came up with the name Ambassador Krellnik, which sounded vaguely alien.  From there, I built a story about Krellnik, who, I presumed, was rather boring.

Most of my science fiction is strongly rooted in some hard science principles.  Like the idea it takes a really long time to traverse interstellar distances.  Here, I dropped all of that because science fiction can be exactly that – fiction.  Laws of physics need not apply. And when I’m trying to write something that is more comic, I find breaking the laws of physics slightly more acceptable.

As always, if you enjoy what I’ve written, please feel free to share, comment, critique, or do nothing!  It’s all good!

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Short Story – Office Work

skyscraper-day-funIt’s been over a month since my last story.  The holidays and vacation kind of got me a little bit behind on my writing.  A New Year always provides a good opportunity for a reset button to be pressed and that means it’s time for my first short story of 2017!

The world I worked on here is pretty crazy and I can see myself finding opportunities to create other stories using the same basic conceptual landscape.  There are a lot of unanswered questions surrounding the way society ended up where they are as this story begins.

Going in deeper on this world will have to wait.  For now, I just wrote a stand alone tale.

As always, please like, share, comment, or ignore!

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Short Story – The Girl Who Spoke To a Bear

grizzly-bears-16I’m working on a play right now involving lycanthropy.  As part of that, I’m trying to create legends that will be woven in as support of the main narrative.  I’ve been researching some Native American myths that could be considered sources for modern werewolf stories. 

What I wrote this week is stylistically a sort of bedtime story that could have vaguely Native American origins.  It is inspired by an existing myth but really retains very little of the original.

With a story like this, I worry a little bit about cultural appropriation.  I am not Native American and I am not trying to write a story from the perspective of a Native American.  Rather, I want this story to feel like it comes from universal source of tales passed down verbally before they were written.

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Short Story – Mars Exploded on a Thursday

6-2I banged this one out pretty quickly this afternoon.  I’ve not posted a new short story in a few weeks and I decided I just needed to write and post something without worrying so much about how the final story turned out.  I’m happy with the result, though.

The idea for this story began with the first sentence, “Mars exploded on a Thursday.”  I like that opening.  It provides a what the fuck kind of beginning.  From there, the story gets pretty strange.

So for the few people who have been reading my stories, I’m sorry for the delay.  I’ve had trouble getting off the horror theme I was working on in September and October.  Thanks for bearing with me!

As always, feel free to share, comment, read, or ignore!

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Short Story – God Bless America

bible-and-flagThis week is actually a non fiction comedy piece I wrote for a political show last week.  The piece was supposed to be about third-party politics and I didn’t want to bash third parties even though I’m not voting third-party this year.

I came up with this piece which was, surprisingly for me, not particularly partisan one way or the other.  Instead, it is about one of my greatest pet peeves about American politics and America in general.

It’s fairly silly.  I hope it makes you laugh or at least it doesn’t make you cry.

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Short Story – Dinner by Candlelight

candleI’m still writing horror stories for October.  I read this one at The Not-So-Silent-Planet open mic last night.  After reading it, I decided to tweak it a little bit more before posting.

I don’t know if other writers do this, but I find reading my writing out loud has a huge impact on my response to the story.  I catch things that I don’t notice when I’m just reviewing it on the page.  Perhaps it is because I’m a playwright.

The story here is very dark.  I mean, that’s not such a surprise since it is supposed to be horror.  I think it’s a bit more nihilistic than some of my other work in this genre, though.

As always, thanks for taking time time to read my stories.  Please share, comment, or simply enjoy!

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Short Story – The Surface

chained_door_by_kinyinI’ve been participating in an open mic night since January and one of the requirements is stories that are about 5-7 minutes in length.  That translates to about 3-4 typed pages.  At least once a month, that means I’m trying to write a very compact story around 1000 – 1500 words in length.

It’s a different kind of challenge.  A lot of the time, I’m working with suggestion and ambiguity because I don’t have a lot of time to fully realize a world.  The goal is to create the feeling there is more on the edges of the story and to give the reader/listener the opportunity to fill in some of those edges for themselves.

I feel like this would make a good series of comics.  At least the ending seems to lead to something that could, I think, be explored in a more visual format.

As always, please feel free to share, comment, and give advice.  Thanks for reading!

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Short Story – The Contest

Locals say the owner of Ohio’s Milan Mansion was a practicing witch.

I was working on private piece last week so I didn’t have a chance to post a public story.  I know not too many people read my fiction but if you are one of those folks, I’m sorry to have missed you last week.

I’m still playing around with horror and ghost stories this week.  I’ve always been fascinated with ghosts.  I think the idea of a place that somehow holds on to people is fascinating.  What binds them there?

So this week features a dialogue heavy story about a young man trying to beat a haunted house.  If there was such a thing as a haunted house, I’m not sure if you could ever beat it.

As always, please feel free to comment, share, tell me you hate it, or ignore this story completely!

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Short Story – Promises

rotting-wood-boards-16583565I’m still working on horror stories for Halloween.  One thing about horror for me is even when I’m working with supernatural horror, I think people are far scarier than monsters.  Monsters are, for me, what we create.  They are the darkness within ourselves.

This story is on the long side and is another one I think could be turned into a play.  So now I need to think about how I can turn it into a longer narrative.

As always, please read, share, comment, or move on to other more important things in your life.  Thanks for your time!

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