Vilification Tennis Amateur Week

I don’t have a high-res version of the poster for this month’s show but I do have this version of the image which captures a little bit of the awesome job Manna Simula did:


I really like what she did to incorporate Project Runway with Vilification Tennis.

For those who might be interested in more in depth information about our weekend shows than I can share in a brief FaceBook blurb, here you go:

Typically, we only do one show for Amateur month but we made the last minute decsion to move up our Amateur show from June to April and the result was I had an extra night for a show that only needed one.

I decided to roll with it and on Friday, we’ll be presenting our Vilification Tennis Amateur Showcase, which will feature most of the amateurs who have entered our cast through the first four amateur shows.  We’ll have three of four first place finishers (Lauren, Pat and Nick) and three of four second place finishers (Geoffrey, Bob and Mike) along with some other good players who finished “out of the money” when they first tried out but have become very good cast members in their own right (Erin, Chris, John and Jade).

As with most of our shows lately, we are trying something new for this one.

For the Friday show, none of the performers will have any idea what the structure of the show will be.  I’m just going to call some of them up on stage for the next structure and tell them what they will be doing.

In fairness to them, I’m not throwing curve balls in terms of wildly new formats.  It should all be stuff they’ve seen before.  That doesn’t mean it’ll be stuff they’ve actually done before.  I enjoy the evil nature of the whole thing.  I’m sure that they’ll all rise to the challenge nicely.

I know that the draw for more vil fans will be Project Vilification on Saturday night.  We have eight people who will be put through their paces in a live audition for our show.  They are aware of most of what they will be asked to do – but not all.

The thing that is really interesting about the amateur shows is that this will be the only time some of these people ever appear in our show.  We don’t typically add more than 3 or 4 performers from any amateur show and there is no way we will add eight.  That means some of these people could be very good but we just won’t have room for them.

But it also means that the show is a great opportunity to watch some people who have a shit ton of guts give their all in front of a live audience.  I mean – think about it.  We are asking these people to audition for our show in front of an audience.

Stuff you can expect to see them do:  “Missionary Vilification” (standard two on two Vilification Tennis), The Vilfication Tennis Home Game, Just a Minute and lots more!

Also appearing in the show is Matt Allex, who lost a competition at last year’s amateur show and as a result, he has to try out with the other amateurs.  It’ll be the first time a vilifer who got into our show through the “old” system will be forced to try out for our show the way new people do.  I expect it’ll kick his ass.

The last few years, these shows have been great and I encourage anyone who wants to go to contact the Bryant Lake Bowl for tickets ahead of time.  I expect the Saturday night show will sell out so advance reservations are important.

I’m also going to plug a show I have nothing to do with – aside from admiration for it’s creator. On both Friday and Saturday, Joseph Scrimshaw’s Sad Vampire Comedy Hour is at 7:00 P.M.  The great thing about contacting the theatre to reserve tickets for our show is that you can contact them to reserve tickets for his show at the same time!

As always, you can learn information about my upcoming shows by looking at my Upcoming Performances page.

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