Alphabetical Movie – In Bruges

For the entirety of In Bruges, the main character complains about the fact that he is stuck in Bruges.

Bruges, for those of you who don’t know, is located in Belgium and it is, according to Ray, the worst shithole town on the planet.  In watching the film, I came away with the impression that Ray was probably a bit off base in his assessment.

But, I thought, what do I know?  I’ve never been to Bruges.  Maybe it is a shithole.

To find out, I did some internet research because a Google search was about as much time as I wanted to spend on the project.  Of course, it turns out that the movies are once again misleading as it turns out that Bruges is nowhere near as lovely as depicted in the film.

It is actually much lovelier.

Check this out:

NOT a shithole

Holy shit!  That place looks amazing!  It looks like Venice without gondolas clogging up the canals.

You know the little station 51 Christmas villages that people set up during the holidays.  They wish they looked as quaint as Bruges.

But hey, maybe that’s Bruges’ good side.


If you wanted Bruges to look like anything besides one of the most idyllic towns in the world, you’d have to go to Gary, Indiana and tell your friends that you’d been in Bruges.  Then you could show them your pictures and they’d say “The place looks like Gary, Indiana.  What a shithole!”

If Bruges looked like this, it would be a shithole

Now I realize that Ray is supposed to be an idiot for thinking that Bruges is a shithole but I can’t figure out how he could climb to the top of the Bell Tower and see this:

Oh my god! Why would anyone come down?

Without being just a little bit impressed.

At this point, you are probably picking up on the fact that this blog about In Bruges doesn’t have much of a point beyond showing pictures of Bruges.

Well so what?  It beats showing pictures of Gary, Indiana.

Seriously, what a shithole!

Disclaimer:I haven’t been to Gary, Indiana either.  I take that back, I drove through it once with my choir when I was in high school.  I don’t remember if it looked like a shithole.  I do remember it smelled like one.

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