Geeks Without God is Sober this week!

We have a guest on our podcast this week!  And,  unlike last week’s podcast, everyone is sober! Matt Allex, of the Apropos of Nothing podcast, joined us to talk about atheism and how talking about his beliefs convinced one of his listeners to come out of the closet.

As a personal aside here, I always hope that talking about my atheism will help others be more out about theirs.  Being an atheist doesn’t have to be about activism or convincing others that god doesn’t exist.  I feel like we all need to take a moment to cry “we are here, we are here, we are here” in a Wholike fashion because – well – we are here.

I’m quite inspired by Matt’s story because he did exactly what I want to do.  He talked about his atheism in a way that helped someone else start to cry out that he is here.  Good for him.

Our conversation was great.  Matt is very smart and very funny and he has a favorite sandwich that will kill you if you eat it.  Have a listen!

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