Friend a Day – Christin “LeXi” Davies

946305_581175191934240_1580577932_nLeXi, like a lot of people, came into my life through CONvergence.  She and a few others offered to help take over the Main Stage department of the convention when we desperately needed someone who knew what they were doing.

They brought consistency to that department for many years and it was a department that required consistency.

LeXi was the organizer in those early years.  She would get stressed out about stuff in part, I think, because she really wanted things to be done right.  If something went wrong and it had been in her power to fix it, she would be extremely upset.

She’s passionate about a great deal.  I’ve had lots of conversations about the convention with her and I appreciate how strongly she feels about so many things.  She wants to provide a great experience for the convention attendees every time.

In addition to being one of the people in charge of running a huge convention, she is also a jewelry artist and does really nice work.  It’s clear she puts a lot of that passion into her art.

There is a force of personality she has when something needs to be done that has served her well a great many times.  When she is in a room full of people and something needs to get done, she is one of those people capable of mobilizing them and getting it done.

Sometimes you can care about what people think of you.  Other times work needs to get done.  When it is time for work to get done, LeXi isn’t worried about anyone’s feelings.

For many years at CONvergence, closing ceremonies would end and after a few moments, LeXi’s voice would clearly ring out reminding everyone that we had a room to get clean and if you weren’t going to help, you should probably get out of the room.

That’s a big room and she’s not a big woman.  But everyone heard her and she didn’t use a mic.  The work needs to get done and she is there to make it happen.

LeXi is a great person and I’m glad that she came into my life when she did.

You can check out her Etsy page here.

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