Friend a Day – Marc Baker

14 - 1I haven’t known Marc very long.  We met when he started dating Molly Zupon about two years ago.  The two of us hit it off right away, I think.

Marc has a sense of humor that almost exactly matches mine.  When we get together, we exist primarily to make Molly roll her eyes at us and/or squawk in disgust.  I also like having Marc around because Molly doesn’t pay nearly as much attention to my nipples when he’s there.

I admire Marc because he’s a recovering alcoholic and when I’ve heard stories about his time as a drinker, I’m completely amazed to think that he made the decision to stop and has managed to remain sober.  I know that it has to be a struggle every day but he meets that struggle with a good sense of humor (he was on Geeks Without God to talk about it).

He’s also very self-aware.  When he realized that he was getting completely addicted to Facebook, he gave up on the platform right away.  I think that he’s got a determined character.  When he decided that something needs to be done, he takes action immediately.

One way in which that trait manifests itself is in the way he will tell someone when he likes something they’ve done.  He’s quick to complement someone for their work when he enjoys it.  As someone who has received more than one of those complements, it is a great gesture of respect.

He’s a lot more physically active than I am, which is a trait I should work harder to emulate.

Marc is very confident with who he is, which is rare.  He is open about his weaknesses and proud of his strengths.  He never pretends to be someone who he is not.

I often joke that Marc and I are boyfriends and while that is mostly done to make Molly jealous, I would totally date Marc if both of us were interested in other men.  I’m really happy he’s my friend.  The physical side will have to wait.

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