Friend a Day – Terry Foy


Photo by Charles Hensley

Terry Foy interviewed me when I tried out for the Renaissance Festival almost thirty years ago.  He taught me how to sing Ramblin’ Rover.  Would I still be at the Renaissance Festival were it not for him?  I doubt it.

With my schedule at the Festival, I only get to see his show once every few years these days.  What impresses me about his work is the way he is subtly updating it every year.  I must have heard the story of Loldigocks and the Bee Threars two dozen times.  There are parts that haven’t change a bit in the time I’ve known him.

And there are other parts that have been altered slightly.

That’s the thing about Terry, he’s never finished with his work.  He recognizes there is always a way he can make his show better.

I got to know him quite well when I was working as his Assistant Artistic Director in Arizona.  It was hard work and I didn’t really know what I was doing at first.  He helped me figure out what I was doing and he smoothed the road for me with people who were already there.

My own life needs meant that was a one year job.  It was a job that taught me a lot and I’ll never forget it.

Terry has been a big supporter of The Dregs and whenever I tell him we are looking for new music, he sends me home with a CD filled with ideas.  We might use one or two of the ideas but I think that has more to do with our work ethic than with his song choices.

I’ve found Terry to be a great role model because he has spent his life as a performer.  He understands how to read an audience and he understands how to refine his show.  If I tell him about a challenge I’m having, he always has a few ideas how to fix it.

Terry is a great performer and an even greater person.  He’s got fantastic gifts as a performer and he’s always willing to share what he knows with others.  I’ll always be grateful for what he’s taught me.

You can like his Zilch the Torysteller page on Facebook and you should!

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