Friend a Day – Sara Stevenson Scrimshaw

Photo by Peter Verrant

Photo by Peter Verrant

I met Sara through her husband Joseph quite some time ago. I don’t remember when.  I just remember being taken with her almost immediately.

Sara is a terrific dancer who can do a great job combining modern dance with comedy and storytelling.  Her dances are always about something and always accessible to the audience.  She’s graceful, yes.  But she is also purposeful.  Her movement has direction and emotion and I very much enjoy watching her dance.

When she was in Highlander: The Musical a few years ago, I learned she could also sing.  I guess I shouldn’t have been surprised but it was nice to see a new dimension of someone whom I already knew to be so talented.

What I’ve also learned is her skills as a comedian are as refined as her skills as dancer.  She has great comic timing and a wonderfully expressive face.  I’ve discovered all of these facets to her over the last few years and I don’t know why I keep being surprised.  I guess I keep thinking there must be something she can’t do so darn well.

Sara is the organizational half of Joking Envelope with Joseph and I think it may be hard sometimes to see how important she is to their success.  She is at every show handing out surveys, signing people up for the mailing list, and being the public face of their theatrical work.

She handles the details that need to be handled.  And she does it with a smile and one of the most positive, friendly demeanors you are ever likely to encounter.

I enjoy spending time with her outside of theatrical work because she is so charming.  She is thoughtful and interesting and funny.

Since she and Joseph have moved to California, I know that I’ll see her a lot less frequently so I hope to take advantage of the time I have when she is back in town.  She’s simply someone who makes time pass more quickly when she is around and those are valuable friends to have.

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