Shit that Pissed me Off – 8/4/17

Marvel Editor Posts Selfie With Her Staff and Gets Harassed

Look – this sort of thing just doesn’t happen to guys.  I keep bringing it up but that is only because there is some subset of the human race that will respond to this story by saying “what’s the big deal?”

The big deal is she posted a fun little picture and a bunch of people harassed her because she’s a girl and they don’t think girls should be working in comics.  That’s the crux of it.

There are guys out there who think women ruin comics simply because they are involved.  It’s like they think comics are the one geek medium that is reserved just for them.  What with Star Wars being completely overrun with women, they really need something in this crazy world that isn’t covered in girl cooties.

The Justice League, for instance, is completely swimming in girl cooties.

So they decide to take it out on a group of women who were having lunch.  Because they worked in the wrong industry.

And no, this isn’t all guys.  This isn’t even most guys.  This is some tiny subset of guys who feel they are losing power because the comic industry is hiring women.  Not a lot of women.  Not enough women.  But more than zero.

If we pretend that this subset of guys isn’t a problem, though, we don’t get it.  Because if a bunch of male professionals in comics posted selfies, nobody would give a shit.

It shouldn’t happen to anyone.  The fact that it happens only to women should piss us off.  We shouldn’t be talking about how few people are doing this.  We should be talking about how nobody should be doing this at all!

Trump Corner: Trump’s Daughter in Law Is Hosting his own “Real News”

Part of the Trump narrative is this carefully crafted idea that he is the only person in the entire fucking world who is being honest.  Everyone else is lying.  Everyone except his immediate family, anyway.

So to keep his acolytes carefully in line, he is releasing a propaganda piece on his Facebook page every week in which Daughter-in-law Lara tells everyone all the great stuff he did this week!  And because it comes from Trump himself, we know it’s true!

It puzzles me why anyone would not see the danger in what Trump does with information.  He tells the Trump faithful that he is the only person telling the truth.  That means anyone who is not Trump is lying.  Even when Trump lies and is called on his lies, it doesn’t matter because he’s programmed his followers to believe only what he tells them.

Everything else is fake news.

This is an example of why Trump is inherently bad for all of us.  Even if he accomplishes some things that are good, he is training part of America to mistrust everyone except him.

And that is inherently untrustworthy.

Wedding Photographer Wins a Case Against a Couple Who Ruined her Business but She Still Lost her Business

So here’s where I have to deal with the fact I write a blog about stuff that annoys me every week and sometimes, that stuff is wrong.  Sometimes people accuse a business of doing something awful and it turns out that business really did nothing awful at all.

In this case, you have a wedding photographer and a couple who apparently didn’t read the contract.  When it was revealed to them that they hadn’t read the contract, they went to the news media and rained holy fire down upon the photographer.

Had the news media accurately reported the story, she probably would have been OK.  But they left out the parts about how there was a contract and what she was asking was, in fact, spelled out in the contract.  But fuck that photographer for trying to make a living.

How hard can wedding photography be anyway? Why not just ask your dad to do it?

And here’s the thing – maybe that photographer is lying too.  Maybe – just maybe – nobody in this story is the good guy!

It makes me sad to read something like this because suddenly the Trump narrative of fake news isn’t so batshit crazy.  I mean yeah, it still is, but when you have news media looking for the sensational story and failing to uncover all the facts, it fucks with people’s lives.

It’s a reminder to all of us that before we dox someone, or attack a business, or share someone’s story of how someone else fucked them over, we need to understand what happened.  And the media, who exists in a 24 hour news cycle that demands interesting content now needs to remember that every time they get it wrong, they play into the narrative that they are lying instead of human.

In a column that frequently deals with issues in terms that are black and white, I have to remind myself that almost everything exists in shades of gray.

And here we have a couple who wanted their wedding photos, apparently didn’t read their contract, decided to throw a hissy fit in the media, and destroyed someone’s business.  And many of us were complicit when we read the initial account because we didn’t think “I wonder what the photographer’s story is?”

Family Kicks their Daughter out of the Company Because She’s a Lesbian

And here’s one of those stories where we don’t know everything so on one hand, I am concerned about saying I will never drink Bulleit Bourbon because of how the family treated their openly homosexual daughter.

On the other hand, I don’t drink.  So my moral conundrum is solved!

Now it is possible that there is some other reason Hollis Bulleit and her partner Cher have been forced out of the family business.  Maybe Hollis is, ironically, a raging alcoholic.  Maybe, as the parent company of Bulleit claims, it was simply the expiration of a contract and the parties were unable to reach an agreement.  Of course, the only news organization I found reporting what the company said is Fox so…

My exploration of the Bulleit website doesn’t indicate the religious background of the family so who the hell knows what’s going on?  Probably we have a family that is at least somewhat homophobic and we have a daughter who recognizes their homophobia.  Then we have a parent company that is kind of a cold, ruthless business that doesn’t give a fuck about people.  Because most companies are like that.

God damn it!  I wish I could go back to a simpler time.  A time before that wedding photographer got screwed over by a couple who used social media and the news to tell their story instead of the real one.

A time when I could just believe Hollis Bulleit is the victim of homophobia and there isn’t an opposing story that could be true!

Yeah.  I’m actually OK going with this.  You know why?  Because homosexuals are treated like shit all the time.  And even if the parent company of Bulleit bourbon is not to blame, I have a pretty strong feeling the Bulleit family is treating Hollis like shit.  And it’s because she’s a lesbian.

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  1. June says :

    Bingo! Absolute bingo about the women harassed because they dare invade the comics domain. Yes, it absolutely shouldn’t happen to anyone and it doesn’t matter how few jerks are doing this. It should be zero. For the love of Pete, offending boys, grow up!

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