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Geeks Without God talk about Life of Pi

Geeks Without GodThis week’s Geeks Without God was my idea.  I’m sure Molly and Nick will want everyone to know because boy oh boy were they unhappy that I made them watch the movie.

I’ve actually been pushing for Life of Pi to be a topic for quite a while. I was certain that my co-hosts wouldn’t like the movie and yet it has a premise that is perfect for our podcast.

Early in the movie we are told that Pi has a story that will make us believe in god.

When watching the movie in the theatre, I was actually really interested to learn what that story might be.  Sure, the movie is fiction so it is not trying to convince me that there is a god.  It was more of an intellectual exercise.  If this story was true, would it make me believe in god?

I’m not going to give away the answer to that question.  You’ll just have to listen for yourself.

Also, if you are a Dregs fan, check out my new weekly blog that includes a rehearsal recording of our newest song!

Everyone needs to have a Schedule

As part of a renewed focus on writing stuff, I’m creating a blog schedule for myself.  If you follow this blog, here’s what you can hope to find.  If you don’t follow my blog, I imagine you aren’t reading this.

Monday: This will be all about the projects I’m working on, my creative process and my artistic journey.  I’m calling it “Putting it Together” because it sounds very self important.

Tuesday: Dregs blogging!  I’ll be posting on The Dregs website about our latest projects, music, gigs and more.  I’ll also have a post on this blog about the latest episode of Geeks Without God, which goes live every Tuesday.

Wednesday: Movie blogging.  I’ve been writing my Alphabetical movie blog on and off for a while and I really enjoy the exercise of trying to write about the mental journey I take as a result of watching the film rather than the film itself.  I’m going to “force” myself to post about a movie every week.  If I’m feeling super productive, I might even write two entries on the same day!

Thursday: Open.  What am I, a machine?  I might write about something.  I might not.  Give me some space!

Friday: Shit that Pissed me off.  My attempt to find humor in the news events that have struck a nerve.  Kind of a rage blog.

Saturday: NO BLOG FOR YOU!

Sunday:  Comedy blogging.  In other words, I shall attempt to write something funny.  On purpose.

If all goes well, I hope to begin this on Monday, February 3rd. My first installment of “Putting it Together” will, somewhat ironically, be about how I suck at self promotion.

Geeks Without God talks about a Wedge Issue!

Geeks Without GodThis week’s episode of Geeks Without God was recorded in my hotel room at CONvergence 2013, which sounds dirty but really isn’t.  My Twitter friend Finn Murphy was at the convention and she’s a co-host of the Skeprechaun podcast back in her native Ireland.  Super cool!  We asked her on our podcast and she agreed.

So what topic did she want to talk about?  Abortion!  A perfect topic for a comedy podcast, right?

Actually, it was a great topic.  For all the issues we have with abortion laws in the United States, things are far worse in Ireland.   It was  a fascinating exploration of some really problematic legal choices.

Hey, I used the word choice.  See what I did there?

Listen in if you like!

Geeks Without God Talks about the Fringe Festival

Geeks Without GodMy life is about to become all Fringe Festival all the time so it seemed appropriate that this week’s Geeks Without God touched on the theatrical orgy that is the Minnesota Fringe.  We brought back former guest Joshua Humphrey to engage in Fringe Nerd conversation.

To be fair, Josh and I are the fringe nerds.  Molly and Nick patiently listened to what we had to say and asked really good questions.  The conversation covers the origin of the Fringe, the benefits to local theatre companies and some of the challenges as well.

Then Josh got to ask us five questions and they required a fair amount of thought.  I don’t know what it is with guests showing up and making us think, but it needs to stop!

If you would like to listen, you can do so here!

Geeks Without God Talks CONvergence Again

Geeks Without GodOK, I know we’ve been talking about CONvergence a lot.  We really like the convention.  So this episode is about our favorite moments at the convention.  I think the episode is fun to listen to but no matter what, it was fun to record.  That has to count for something, right?

Actually, there are some fun stories that came out of the convention and we somehow managed to remember a few of them!

Check it out!

Geeks Without God Talks to PZ Myers

Geeks Without GodIn the second of two live episodes recorded at CONvergence, we finally got to talk with outspoken atheist PZ Myers.  I wanted to talk to him about evolution because he is a professor of evolutionary biology and a vocal opponent of creationists the world over.  My question to him was fairly simple: what is the best evidence you can use to get a creationist to think about their beliefs?

I had no illusions that one could completely eradicate years of indoctrination with a single well-chosen piece of evidence.  I just wanted to know how you could start the ball rolling.

Of course the answer isn’t nearly as easy as the question.  I knew that.

Still, PZ helped us work through some of the ways those of us who know evolution is true can begin to educate those who do not.  It was great to have PZ on the show and I hope we can chat with him again soon!

Listen up if you wanna!

My CONvergence Schedule

Boy do I have a lot going on at the convention this weekend.  While I have no idea why anyone would be interested in tracking me around the con, just in case you have an interest in stalking (or avoiding) me, here’s what I’ll be up to at the convention.

Thursday, July 4th

6:00 PM – The Mark Time Radio Show.  I’ve been a voice actor on this show for um…about ten years?  This year’s show is an expanded version of “The Sword in the Couch,” which was featured at the first Big Fun Radio Funtime show.

7:00 PM – Opening Ceremonies.  I wrote and directed the Opening sketch and I’m pretty happy with it.  All I can say about the sketch is that it is going to be awesome. It s also filled to overflowing with amazing talent.  I also contributed a little bit of writing to the rest of Opening Ceremonies and rumor has it I might be helping out with at least one bit.

9:00 PM – Super Spy Smackdown.  I will be the Master of Ceremonies for an epic battle between the greatest super spies ever assembled.  Comedy commentary will be provided by a team of experts including Tim Uren, Joseph Scrimshaw, Dawn Krosnowski, Kelvin Hatle, Caroline Symcox and Christopher Jones.  As always, Melissa Kaercher will be running the tech.

11:00 PM – Vilification Tennis takes over the Fearless Comedy Room Party in room 224!

Read More…

Geeks Without God Talks about CONvergence a Little bit More

Geeks Without GodWell CONvergence is almost here and even though we geeked out about the convention a couple of weeks ago, we decided we wanted to do it a little more.  This week we talk about stuff like the costumes that we’ll be wearing (OK – the costumes Nick and Molly will be wearing) and we tell some fun stories from past conventions.

The con is coming up in just a couple of days so if you are as excited about it as we are, this episode is a great way to whet your appetite.

A Geeks Without God Double Date

Geeks Without GodWe finally managed to get my wife scheduled for an episode of Geeks Without God!  Pat joined us to talk about television, which is a subject that has been rather lightly covered on previous GWG podcasts.  Sometimes our 30 minute format means that we only scratch the surface of a particular topic and this episode is a fine example of that problem.  We briefly touched on a lot of different atheist characters and how they are depicted.  It is a broad topic worthy of a lot more discussion.

I imagine we’ll have to ask Pat back.

Geeks Without God Talks about Nuclear War

Geeks Without GodAs we’ve progressed through our first year recording Geeks Without God, we’ve seen a lot of changes in how we schedule our episodes.  Early on, we did a geeky boner episode every month.  We didn’t do it because we were lazy but we wanted to make sure that we never forgot about the “Geeks” part in “Geeks Without God.”  However, when you do podcasts about stuff like your favorite convention, A fundamentalist Board Game, and Dr. Who, you find that you are covering the “Geeks” pretty well.

But still, it is a lot of fun to just sit down and geek out for a while.  This week’s podcast is one of those.

Geekery is a lot broader than movies or comics or TV shows, though.  We talked about stuff like running a half marathon, playing games on a 3DS and, of course, National Parks.

So enjoy our geeky boners!

Also note: we have a little blurb for Camp Quest Minnesota at the end of the podcast.  They still have openings for their Summer Camp!