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Look ma, another Shatner!

One more picture from “The Complete Works of William Shatner (Abridged)!”  Brandon Ewald as Young William Shatner!  I’m finally doing a show where someone is in a toga.

Thank goodness it isn’t me.

Another Shatner Show image!

Another promo shot from “The Complete Works of William Shatner (Abridged).”  This handsome fellow is me.  Not that you can particularly tell.

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New Thing! Geeks Without God

I’m pretty excited to share some information about a new podcast I’ll be hosting with Molly and Nick Glover called “Geeks Without God.”  We’ll be recording our first episode LIVE at CONvergence on Saturday at 9:30 AM.

Yes.  9:30 AM on Saturday.  I know.  I’m not looking forward to it either.

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Get your Trivia ON!

This weekend is the GPS Team Trivia Challenge.  I’ve been the host of this event since it started back in 1999 as well as one of the folks writing/vetting questions for the contest.

I’m just bringing it up because even if you don’t want to compete, it is a great spectator sport.  You can sit in the audience and smugly tell your neighbors how you knew all the answers and you totally would have won if only you’d been able to find two other teammates.

If you do want to compete, though, it is also a lot of fun.  Check out the link for more information or ask me!