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Art for January’s Vilification Tennis Show

So for January, our theme is gambling.  I’m actually looking forward to some of the crazy structures we’ll come up with for that show. As a f’rinstance, all of the participants will be determined by drawing ping pong balls.  Theoretically, someone could show up for the show and never perfrom.

I’d laugh my ass off if that happened.

I’ve managed to toss artwork to a few extra people this year and Geoffrey Brown came up with the logo for this show.  Check it!

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Check out the swank art for the next Vilification Tennis show

We are still in the midst of the Renaissance Festival but our work on our Bryant Lake Bowl season of shows is already gearing up.

In October, we’ll be presenting two nights of Vilification Tennis LOVES America!  Art for the show and information about our upcoming season below the fold.

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