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Shit That Pissed Me Off – 4/11

There Is A Direct Relationship Between How Much Someone Knows About The Ukraine And The Likelihood They Believe We Should Get Involved

While I think the situation in the Ukraine is alarming, I also think that there is very little the US can (or should) do about it.  I don’t know if that is because I know where the Ukraine is on a map but it seems clear there might be some relation.

In a very interesting survey, the Washington Post found that the less you knew about the Ukraine, the more likely you were to think we should get involved.

The map in the article shows where respondents placed the Ukraine on a map.  It’s pretty troubling when you see that more than one person chose Australia.  Or Greenland.

Yes. Some of the dots are in the fucking ocean.


Now, there is a possibility some of these people were dickishly selecting the wrong location just to skew numbers.

Even allowing for that, people are forming opinions about something they know nothing about.  I’ll bet if they were educated about the situation, though, they wouldn’t change their minds.  People are dumb that way.


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Voting No Twice

I’ve written a ton about the gay marriage amendment because I’m really pissed off we are even voting on such a thing.  When it comes to the Voter ID amendment, I’ve been relatively silent.

I have pretty strong feelings about it but the marriage amendment has been far more important to me because I think it is a fight we have an outside chance to win.  Voter ID is probably going to happen.  I’m not happy about it but I don’t think I can sway anyone who doesn’t understand the implications of the Voter ID amendment to change their vote.

See, the problem I have with is a seemingly little thing that I believe to be more important than any other talking point.  I don’t think we should be putting obstacles in the way of voting.

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