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Shit that Pissed me Off This Week – 8/9

This is actually two week’s worth of stuff and it is still pretty short.  I guess that the mild summer is taking a toll on people acting like crazy idiots.  Not all of them, though.

Guy Blew up a Dog But he’s not Going to be Charged With Killing the Dog

Now let’s be clear – this guy is completely nuts. He blew up a dog because he believed it was possessed.  Normal people don’t have a tendency to do that sort of thing.

He’s charged with possession of explosives but not with animal cruelty.

In some places, this means the same thing as “beware of the dog.”

Why not?

Because the dog died instantaneously and therefore did not experience any pain.

Now look, the guy needs to go a mental institution because he’s pretty clearly fucked up.  Animal cruelty or no animal cruelty, he’s quite a few bullets short of a loaded gun.

You have to wonder about a law, though, that won’t allow you to charge someone with animal cruelty when you blow the animal up.  Pain or no pain, that seems like a pretty cruel thing to do, doesn’t it?

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Shit that Pissed me off This Week 8/3

Climate Change Denier Releases Study that, in Effect, says “I was Wrong”

I know, why would this piss me (someone who has long accepted the Global Climate Change is happening and is largely caused by humans) off?

Because it won’t change anything.  No amount of data proving that climate change is happening will convince those who believe otherwise.

Not even when that data actually convinces a skeptical scientist.  Unless 100% of scientists agree on climate change, the deniers will always have someone on their side.  No matter that 97% (or more) of climatologists – the people whose field of expertise most closely focuses on climate change science – believe climate change is real and caused by humans.  If one climatologist says differently, we still have a “controversy.”

I don’t blog much about climate change science because I know a lot of deniers and they are smart people who, I believe, are completely wrong on this one topic.  My fear is the longer we argue, the more damage we are doing.  That is a fear shared by many scientists who know a lot more about this shit than me.

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