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Shit that Pissed me Off – 7/26

Pastor Says that He’s Never met Anyone who Didn’t Regret Having Sex Before Marriage

I must assume, then, that he’s met very few people who have had sex before marriage.

I need to meet this guy because then he will have met one person who is completely happy with the decision to have sex before marriage.  Then I’ll introduce him to a whole lot of other people.  Many of whom are Christians.

See, I’m used to self-righteous idiots like this talking out of their asses.  But why say something so easy to refute?  Especially because the guy has to realize that what he is saying is bullshit, doesn’t he?  How can you not realize that what you are saying is bullshit when you say something so incredibly stupid?

I’m betting a million dollars that this dude has never regretted having sex outside of marriage.

In fact, when presented with evidence that what he said was bullshit, he turned off the comments on his post and deleted all of the comments that disproved his statement.  Because when faced with evidence that you put your foot in your mouth, the best thing you can possibly do is destroy the evidence.  And this jerk would probably want to ask me where I get a moral compass without god.

Seems like god hasn’t done him any favors in that department.

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Shit that Pissed me Off this Week – 3/8

Video Showing Income Disparity in America

I don’t talk a lot about income disparity and tax structure in America because frankly the argument bores me.  There seems to be this idea that we all have a right to get rich and therefore the system is fair and us liberals should shut up about it.

But look, the system is not fair.  It is designed to ensure that people with money will have an amazingly easy time making more of it while people without money will have a nearly impossible time doing the same.  Hard work alone does not get you “ahead.”

Not only that, we need janitors and teachers and police officers and firefighters and none of those people are getting paid well.  And they never will.  The people with the wealth are not the people doing the jobs that absolutely have to get done.  I’m tired of the idea that anyone can get ahead in this country.

I’ll wager that this guy is not actually one of the top 1%

The solution is not as simple as just taxing the 1% that controls the vast majority of the wealth in this country because they will still control the vast majority of the wealth in this country.  I’m not saying I know the solution.

But I can sure as fuck recognize a problem.

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Shit that Pissed me off This Week – 9/14

Christian Mother Looks for Advice after her Daughter Comes out as an Atheist

Here’s the problem we face in this country.  When a child comes out as an atheist, a parent immediately views the situation as a parental failure.

This woman says she tried to instill her children with “good Christian values” and the problem I see is the fundamental question of what “good Christian values” might be.

If she wants her daughter to treat others with respect, she can do that if she is an atheist.

If she wants her daughter to value her life and strive to live it as best she can, she can do that if she is an atheist.

If she wants her daughter to discriminate against people based on their sexual orientation, she can do that if she is an atheist.  She probably won’t but she can.

Instead of being upset, this young woman’s mother should be proud.  Her daughter is growing up and making her own choices.  No parent will like every choice that their child makes but at some point, we all need to allow our children to make them.  If her thinking wasn’t so clouded by her religion, she might recognize that she hasn’t failed raising her daughter.  She succeeded.

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