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Tuesday Morning Geeks Without God Features a Very Drunk Molly

This week is the second of two episodes we recorded at Omegacon.  If you listened to the first one, you will know that Nick and Molly had been drinking before and during the first podcast.  By the time we recorded the second one, Molly was pretty drunk.  Drunk Molly is, quite honestly, really god damned funny.

We did manage to spend some time talking about Fearless comedy, which was theoretically the goal behind the podcast.  We also spent a while talking about sex education, which was not at all what we had in mind.  All in all, it was quite the recording session.  Enjoy!

New Geeks Without God – now With More Liquor

This weeks Geeks Without God was recorded live at Omegacon and we were pretty drunk.  Actually, Nick and Molly were pretty drunk. So drunk, in fact, that I think it is fair to qualify that we were all drunk even though I technically wasn’t drunk at all.  We recorded in front of a live audience and shared booze with them.  I even tried some.  Boy was that a mistake.

We talk about games and movies and a little bit about the gay marriage amendment.  Also annoying mega churches.  There’s a little bit for everyone!  Please listen!