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Omegacon Movie Room Schedule

omegamanSo if you are going to Omegacon this weekend, here is a sneak peek at the Movie room schedule.  Most people at Omegacon aren’t interested in watching movies all weekend and that’s cool.  But if you need a two-hour break from Settlers of Catan, here are some choices for you!

This year’s movie room theme is Toys and Games.  I have no idea why it took me so long to use the theme for the movie room.  It’s kind of perfect.

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Friend a Day – Karl Anderson


Karl is my oldest friend.  We’ve known each other since we were in grade school and while we have drifted in an out of each other’s lives, we have never drifted too far.

When I moved out on my own, he was my first roommate.  He was the first person I called when I learned my dad had died. He was the best man at my wedding.  I introduced him to his wife.  At least I think I did.  I’m going to take credit for it.

There is something about Karl that is comforting.  As everything around us changes, he always feels at least a little bit the same.  He gets older, sure.  So do we all.  But his personality has remained just about the same.

He’s quiet and mostly private.  He would prefer to spend the majority of his time in front of the computer or with his family.  In front of the computer.  Yet every now and again there is an unmistakable twinkle that betrays a dry, sharp, and (to some) surprising sense of humor.

When we were growing up, I was always impressed by his artistic skill.  I’d always hoped that he would become a cartoonist because he has a real knack for it.  Webcomics are out there so maybe someday soon he’ll give it a try.

These days, Karl and I see each other mostly at Omegacon and CONvergence.  At Omegacon, he’s one of the folks I try to make time to game with.  He’s sharp, quick to pick up rules to new games, and he is always up for something he hasn’t played before.

We’ve shared a lot over the years and while we haven’t always lived in the same home or had a lot of time to spend with one another, he’s one of those people whom I’ve always been grateful to know.


New Geeks Without God – now With More Liquor

This weeks Geeks Without God was recorded live at Omegacon and we were pretty drunk.  Actually, Nick and Molly were pretty drunk. So drunk, in fact, that I think it is fair to qualify that we were all drunk even though I technically wasn’t drunk at all.  We recorded in front of a live audience and shared booze with them.  I even tried some.  Boy was that a mistake.

We talk about games and movies and a little bit about the gay marriage amendment.  Also annoying mega churches.  There’s a little bit for everyone!  Please listen!

2012 Omegacon Movie Room Schedule

About a year ago, I started this blog with a post about the upcoming Omegacon movie room schedule.  While not the actual one year anniversary, this post qualifies as my topical anniversary.

The one thing to remember about the Omegacon Movie room is that I schedule movies that I either like or want to watch. Half the time, I’m one of three people in the room so I might as well want to be there.

Usually I cook up the theme for the room way early but this year I wasn’t inspired until just a few weeks ago.  The theme for the movie room is “Wrath of God” and it all keys off of the first movie I’m showing.

So here’s the list along with lengthy and pointless commentary:

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Omegacon Movie Schedule

For my first post on my new blog digs, I’m putting up the OmegaCon movie list! For those that are interested in such things – enjoy! Omegacon runs November 11th, 12th and 13th this year.

Our theme this year is “Moons” for the simple fact that we wanted to show the film “Moon.” For those saddened to learn that we have not put “Moonraker” or “Moonstruck” on the list of films, we can only apologize and say that it turns out there are a ton of films that fit the theme. We aren’t even going to start on the volume of films that feature at least one bare butt.

Friday: 3:00 PM The Omegacon Movie Vault
The Wolf Man

Friday afternoon is now reserved for classic films. In keeping with our theme, we will feature a fine film from the Universal movie monster vault that explores the harmful side effect our celestial partner can have on the unfortunate. The film features Claude Rains and honestly, there is no better reason to watch any film.

Friday 9:00 PM – Mystery Movie

For the last several years, we’ve used this time slot to show something that folks at the con haven’t seen and really should. Sometimes the movie fits the theme but most of the time the movie falls into the “holy crap! You haven’t see that? Someone find me a copy!” category.

Friday 11:30 PM – Late Night Movie

“Moons” is a pretty strange theme for a movie room but this movie is worth it. The film is smart, well acted and is constantly going in directions you don’t expect. Tragically under seen and only 97 minutes long, you should see this movie if only to ask yourself “why didn’t I watch this sooner?”

Saturday 10:00 AM – Saturday Morning Cartoon
Batman: Year One

Warner Brothers has been turning out a pretty good series of animated DC films lately. Their newest release is a retelling of the Frank Miller’s “Batman Year One.” We’re pretty sure there will be at least one shot of Batman silhouetted against a full moon…

Saturday 1:00 PMish – Road Trip movie

Want to watch a movie in a theatre? Hey, no problem! There’s a theatre right over there. Again!

Saturday 5:00 PM – Commentary-o-rama

Kenneth Branagh has a bit of an ego, no doubt about it. That is probably why he was the perfect guy to direct a film about a cocksure Norse god who needed to learn something about humility. Sort of like Branagh after he made “Frankenstein.” Branagh’s commentary on the film is equal parts bravado, wit, and insight into why the story was told the way it was told. If you’d like to know why “Thor” was a far better film that you expected it would be, this commentary is a good place to find out.

Saturday, 11:30 PM – Late Night Movie
The Dish

A funny and moving film about the Apollo 11 landing told from the point of view of a small town in Australia. Quite simply one of the best films about the Apollo program you will ever see.

Sunday: 10:30 AM – New Release Theatre
The People vs. George Lucas

This recently released documentary looks at the fans of “Star Wars” and explores their love-hate relationship with it’s creator/destroyer: George Lucas. No matter what you think of George, this film is an enjoyable exploration of the “Star Wars” fan culture and it also fits into our theme because we all know that there are a lot of moons in “Star Wars.” Except for the Death Star. That’s a space station.