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Shit that Pissed me Off This Week – 10/26

Italian Judge Sentences Scientists to Six Years in Prison for Failing to Predict the Severity of an Earthquake

Yes, that’s right, let’s discourage people from being seismologists by threatening them with imprisonment if they don’t do a good enough job predicting Earthquakes.  You know, because their job is to be perfect about something we know we can’t accurately predict.

And when they get it wrong, we can hold them accountable when people die.

By god, someone will PAY FOR THIS!!!!

You know, because it makes sense to hold people accountable for an act of nature.

The next time some idiot decides to jump into freezing cold rapids at Yosemite National Park and they die as a result, we should sue the Federal Government because they didn’t give the guy an IQ test at the gate, right?

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