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Having lived in Minnesota for almost my entire life, I’ve grown used to weather that has a singular goal.

By that I mean we are regularly subjected to weather whose only purpose is the eradication of every living thing that comes into contact with it.

The rest of the country looks at Minnesota and all they think about is the deadly cold and the gigantic piles of snow and they assume that our state must be a frozen wasteland for the entire year.  Like Alaska without mountains or Sarah Palin.

Those of us who live here know the reality is far worse.  The snow thaws and when it does, newcomers believe that they are safe from the deadly weather and they boldly emerge from their homes to hoard canned goods for the next three to five months.

Then the first thunderstorm hits and they realize that spring is every bit as deadly as winter.  You just don’t have to shovel your walk after the storm is over.  The rain that accumulates at a rate of 1 inch per hour and the hail that seems laser guided to destroy windshields is pretty bad but these storms also bring straight line winds.

People who don’t live on the great plains have heard of tornadoes and, I expect, believe they represent the worst wind can do to you.  Especially if there are sharks.

Those people have never heard of straight line winds.  Straight line winds are winds that originate in the Rocky Mountains and sweep across the great plains gathering momentum because there is nothing to stop them. The buffalo herds, which used to act as a wind buffer, are gone.

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Shit that Pissed me Off This Week – 9/27

Popular Science Shuts off Their Comments

Hey, I don’t really care if anybody comments on a Popular Science article ever again.  Comment threads on the internet are typically the realm of madness.

Which is precisely the point.  Popular Science shut off comments on their science articles because people are more likely to believe the comments than they are to believe the article.

Yeah.  That’s right.  People read an article with citations and evidence and they are less likely to believe that than a one paragraph rebuttal that is basically nothing more than someone saying “oh yeah?  I know you but what am I?”

Everyone KNOWS that you can’t trust results from experiments that use beakers! Some guy said so on the internet!

We benefit from scientific research every day of our lives but somehow, in spite of everything science does for us, we are more inclined to believe FrankNFurther2098 than someone who is publishing a researched and peer reviewed article. The practical result is that Popular Science is turning off their comments so people will pay attention to the science and not the bullshit.

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