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Shit that Pissed me off This Week – 12/14

This week will probably be pretty light as I was out of town for much of it and, as a result, not really following the news.  A few things, as always, did manage to catch my eye.

Texas Man Carves a Pentagram into his 6 Year Old Son Because he’s a Fucking Loon

You just know that a lot of people are freaking about this guy because they think he did this because he’s a satanist or pagan or something.  I’m unfamiliar with the religion that celebrates the holy day of 12-12-12 but I’m pretty sure that no matter what religion the guy follows, cutting up a 6 year old is not in the holy book.

The guy did it because he’s got a screw loose.  Actually, he has a whole erector set full of loose screws. He’s the kind of crazy person who exists so other crazy people can think they are normal.

Is this a pagan symbol or a Japanese throwing star with the safety on?

Normal people don’t carve pentagrams into their children’s backs.  Normal people make their kids dinner and give them a hug and kiss before bed.  I wish this guy had chosen to carve something less iconic (like a zebra) into his kid’s back.  Then the comversation would be on how crazy he is – which is where we should be focused.

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