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Shit that pissed me off this week – 8/24

Todd Akin says “Legitimate Rape” Rarely Results in Pregnancy

Yeah, yeah,  a lot of people are talking about this one so it may seem pointless that I even bring him up so late in the week.  Ignoring his messed up statistics and knowledge of biology for a moment, what really has me upset is the concept of “legitimate rape.”

Now by this I assume he meant to insinuate that many women who claim to have been raped are lying.  That is a pretty common tactic.  Point out that some cases of rape are not legitimate (which is true) and you cast doubt on all claims of rape.

Because we’re stupid, we think that if one woman lies about rape, any claim of rape must be viewed as suspect.  That’s what Akin taps into here.  He is trying to diffuse the question of abortion in the case of rape by suggesting that women are lying about rape in order to get an abortion.

He may have issued an apology but the language was no accident.  He knew exactly what he was saying and to whom he was speaking.

Note that Akin has brought all sorts of other stupid people out of the woodwork who have interesting thoughts about pregnancy and “legitimate” rape.

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