Shit that Pissed me Off This Week – 5/11

The Heartland Institute Goes for Broke on a New Series of Billboards

The Heartland Institute is a Climate Change Denial think tank and they just put up a series of billboards to support their point of view.  Let’s see if you can tell why the campaign pisses me off:

OMG!!! He’s crazy! I don’t want to be crazy too!!!

They also have billboards planned featuring Charles Manson and Osama Bin Laden.

You know, because only crazy people believe that Climate Change is real and caused by human behavior.  It is a spurious and insulting argument that has nothing to do with facts or science.

You think 97% of the world’s climate scientists are wrong?  Prove it!!!  Don’t waste time saying that they must be wrong because some crackpot out there believes them.  It’s like saying that I shouldn’t be against the death penalty because most prisoners on death row are also against the death penalty.

Update: after extensive public outcry, they have decided to take down the billboards.  They haven’t apologized for them, of course, but they took ’em down…

Georgia Pastor in Trouble Because he Failed to Bash Gays in a Sermon about Adultery

The pastor in question never said being gay was OK but he didn’t go out of his way to talk about how being gay wasn’t OK and that’s he problem.  He mentioned a gay couple in his sermon and – apparently – failed to immediately follow the mention up with “who will burn in hell” or “who are sinners of the worst kind” or “who will never be married in the eyes of the church.”  Heck, he could have gone for broke and called them an abomination.

But he was too busy castigating them for the fact that one of them entered into a homosexual relationship before the divorce with his wife had been finalized.

What is wrong with him???

Congressman Comes up with a Really Dumb Reason to Explain why Atheists Don’t Exist

I know I’m a liberal and I rip on the Republican Party a lot but I think I need to acknowledge that there are stupid Democrats as well.

This fellow says that there is no such thing as an atheist because if we existed, we wouldn’t carry money that says “in God we trust.”

Holy Shit! He’s Right! It’s right there! IT’S RIGHT THERE!!!!!

Yes, that makes sense.  If we want to prove we are atheists, we have to live in poverty because our beliefs would prevent us from buying anything.

I guess it’d work if we go completely cashless, right?  Do everything with automatic payments, check and credit cards?  If someone tried to give us money, we’d have to say “no thanks – my lack of religion prevents me from accepting anything that mentions god.”

Or maybe we could just figure that using money is not some sort of endorsement for the existence of god.

Yeah, I’m going to go with that.

Canadian Public School figures the best way to Satisfy Parents who don’t want their kids participating in the tradition of reciting the Lord’s Prayer is to segregate the kids

Keep in mind, this isn’t just a problem for atheist kids.  It is a problem for any kid in the school who is not Christian.  But, you know, it’s tradition!

Yeah, so the best way to deal with a practice that doesn’t have a place in schools in the first place is to segregate the kids who don’t want to recite the Lord’s prayer into a separate room until the prayer is over.  Because that sounds a lot better than telling kids if they want to recite the Lord’s prayer at the beginning of the day, they can do so.

Silently.  In the same room as everyone else.

Bradford County Courthouse in Florida gets a Ten Commandments Monument

See, what gets me is the idea that our laws should be informed by these ancient Hebrew commandments while we simultaneously are paranoid as hell about Sharia law.  It follows that whole argument that we are following the right god and, therefore, we are completely justified in putting a set of religious commands on the grounds of a government building.

See? I told you the first commandment wasn’t “Tuesday is Ice Cream Day!”

For the subset of kooks who want to become judges just so they can enforce ten commandment style justice, I ask this:  how exactly do we punish those who fail the first commandment (I am the lord thy god – thou shalt have no other gods before me)?

How do you define other gods?  Atheists are OK because we don’t believe in any gods so we are sprung on a technicality, right?

Amendment One Passes in North Carolina

Yes, I already blogged about this earlier in the week.  I’m still pretty pissed off about it.

I’m not linking to an article because anything that shows the happy faces of the victors makes me want to find out where every one of them live so I can glitter bomb the shit out of them.  I’d probably put it in their hot water tank so every time they tried to wash it off, it’d just get worse.

The odds were against supporters of marriage equity from the beginning where this particular measure was concerned but it’s about as draconian as they come.  If ever an amendment was designed to shove homosexuals back into the closet, it was this one.

Here’s what it states:

 Marriage between one man and one woman is the only domestic legal union that shall be valid or recognized in this State. This section does not prohibit a private party from entering into contracts with another private party; nor does this section prohibit courts from adjudicating the rights of private parties pursuant to such contracts.

So if you are living in North Carolina and you are gay, you can rest easy knowing that three out of every five people you meet feel that you should have fewer rights than their dog.

But hey!  At least gay people can still enter into legally binding contracts!  That means they are welcome to do business in North Carolina.

Just don’t let anyone catch them fucking.

Gay Republicans Attack Obama for Supporting Gay Marriage

While I agree with them in spirit – Obama’s timing is pretty crappy – what the hell are they thinking?

I’m with them that Obama could have made the same declaration a week ago.  It would not have changed the outcome in North Carolina, though, and they know that.  How is it that they can’t simply oppose Obama on everything else (because they are Republicans) but acknowledge that Obama is the first sitting President to say he supports marriage equality and that is a good thing?

I guarantee them that Mitt Romney, should he be elected, will not be the second.

Asshole Parents Decide to Discipline their Daughter for Failing Grades by Shaving her Head and Making her Wear a Diaper in Public

Wow.  With parents like that, I can’t imagine why she has bad grades….

Reverend Laments the Fact Women can Vote

I think we need to look at this from a different crazy angle.  Why, exactly, did we give men the right to vote?  I mean, just about every person you see on failblog injuring themselves because they are doing something stupid is a guy, right?

Men make really horrible decisions regarding themselves and their own bodies, how can we expect them to make good decisions about women’s bodies?

I’m going to advocate that only children should be allowed to vote.  Our country would still be fucked up but there would be free cake and ice cream for everyone!

Briston Palin Sounds off about Obama’s Position on Gay Marriage and People Care

Here’s what I keep thinking:  Bristol was a teenaged mother so, naturally, she has become a spokesperson for abstinence only education.  Because it worked so well for her.

Given her current take on gay marriage and her desire to make her stand on the issues known as well as her history mentioned above, what logically follows?

No matter what her sexuality (which is none of my damned business), I feel as if we all spend way too much time talking about what Bristol thinks.  I’m positive that Bristol spends way too much time talking about what Bristol thinks.

NBC is Cancelling 30 Rock, Community and Parks & Rec


You wonder why your ratings are in the shitheap, NBC?  Because every time you have a truly good show on the air, you haven’t got the slightest idea how to get audiences to watch.

Your network hasn’t made a good decision on purpose in at least ten years.  What makes you think this one is going to work out?

Update:  Maybe this is happening and maybe it isn’t.  There is some confusion as to the validity of the report.  I’m still pissed that it might happen and let’s face it, NBC isn’t known for it’s brilliant programming choices.

So Long Liz Lemon! You’ll live on in my DVD box sets!

Arizona Charter School Forfeits Championship Because the Opposing Team has a Girl on it

This particular school is being run by a Catholic order so hardcore, they think the Vatican is too liberal.  They reject the entire Vatican II conference and have a real problem with men and women being – you know – near one another while they are in their development years.

Because the way to develop a really healthy relationship with the opposite sex is to ensure you are never around them.

So rather than play in the state championship, they forfeited the game because they couldn’t bring themselves to be on the same baseball field with a girl.

You can admire them for sticking to their convictions or you can wonder if just maybe their convictions are completely out of step with reality.  You can probably guess what I think.

88% of Non Religious Individuals Support Gay Marriage

A few atheists are excited by these poll results.

But hey, you have to admire a lot of Catholics for ignoring Rick Santorum and the Pope!

Here’s what pisses me off, though – what’s up with that 12%???  They say they are non-religious and yet these still don’t support gay marriage?

I know, they are probably part of the “marriage shouldn’t be a state sanctioned right anyway” group but that is just bullshit.  It is a state sanctioned right and it will always be a state sanctioned right.  So stop thinking about your freaky utopia and answer this question:  Given that marriage will always be a state sanctioned right, do you think it is OK that gay people are denied that right?

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    I had a friend who actually would black out the “in god we trust” on any paper money that came his way. Here is an article you might enjoy.

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