Shit That Pissed Me Off – 4/3

High School Orders Special Needs Student He Can’t Wear a Letter Jacket

The Principal of the school said he had considered everything and because the young man was only involved in extracurricular basketball, he would not be permitted to wear the letter jacket.  He decided to stick with official school policy.

Here’s what he said:

Teachers told the parents they would prefer he not wear the letter on his jacket. We have considered it, and our decision was no. We decided that it is not appropriate in our situation because it is not a varsity level competition.

It seems silly to me that anyone would care if a kid with Downs’ Syndrome wore a letter jacket.  If it helps that kid feel like a little less of an outsider, what’s the harm?  So you give those letters out as awards to other students.  So what?

The wrong person puts one of these bad boys on and the entire High School pecking order is blown to hell!

The wrong person puts one of these bad boys on and the entire High School pecking order is blown to hell!

Do you think those kids are incapable of understanding why that child who can’t participate in “official” sports would want, and deserve, a letter as well?

I just think it’s a shame that policy trumped compassion.  Whoever complained about this situation should have their hands smacked with a ruler.

Another Secular Blogger Was Killed For Sharing His Opinions

Dear right-wing Christians, do you want to know what persecution looks like?  Then try to write about secularism in an Oligarchy.  Try to encourage free thought in a country where it is outlawed.

Do that with the knowledge that you might get hacked to death outside your home.

This idea that religious expression must be protected at all cost ignores the fact that you are completely allowed to be an asshole in America.  Asshole Americans are all over Youtube.

Since I’m a liberal, about one third of our country thinks I’m an asshole.  We can all be assholes without running the risk of being attacked by machete wielding thugs who were ordered to kill us by their religious leader.

We should all think about that before we stand up and try to defend the right of wedding photographers to tell same-sex couples their religion prevents them from doing their job.

Mike Pence is Shocked by the Negative Backlash Indiana Faces

Did Pence fail to read everything people wrote prior to signing the law?  Was he too busy to consider all the businesses encouraging him to veto it?

He seems genuinely shell shocked that people are looking at this law as a license to discriminate even though he signed the bill surrounded by people who want to use it as a license to discriminate.  To those people, the intent of the law was crystal clear.

Won't someone do something for the poor persecuted American Christians?

Won’t someone do something for the poor persecuted American Christians?

What is it with anti-gay Christians that makes them so anxious to be out and proud about their bigotry?  They could come up with any number of excuses to refuse services to a same-sex couple but they really want to be honest about it.

Maybe they just don’t feel creative enough.  Perhaps states could set up web sites that provide a large repository of excuses for Christians who want to refuse services without the risk of prosecution.

However, it seems like the anti-gay Christians really want their voices to be heard.  Specifically, they want their voices to be heard when they are refusing the business of same-sex couples.

Arizona Passes a Law Requiring Doctors To Tell Abortion Patients Medical Facts That Aren’t Actually True

I thought we already covered this when the Supreme Court ruled that states couldn’t compel doctors to provide specific medical information.

Arizona lawmakers, however, feel that they still have the right to tell Doctors what they need to say when someone is looking to have an abortion.    Doctors in Arizona will be compelled to tell women who are having a medication abortion that it can be reversed even though there is actually no data suggesting that statement is true.

Even if it was true, we get back to that whole idea that compelling doctors to say specific things is a limitation of free speech.

What is fascinating is the idea that the same party that is so anxious to make sure we have our religious freedom protected (even though it already is) is just as anxious to limit free speech if they don’t like what is being said.

Are they even aware that both rights are protected by the same fucking amendment?

Christian Doucebag Engages in a False Equivalence Project

This entire article ends with a bunch of made up stuff about the “gay agenda” so that ought to give you some idea of what precedes it.

Basically, this guy calls a bunch of gay friendly bakers and asks them to bake a cake with homophobic language on it.  They say no and he launches into a tirade about how what they are doing is no different than what Christian bakers do when they refuse to bake a cake for a same sex couple.

Except it is very different because he is asking them to write something on the cake. Also, his white male Christian ass is not a protected class.

There are tons of these guys around.  They are totally safe.

There are tons of these guys around. They are totally safe.

The first person he calls doesn’t even make cakes.  He seems to take offense at the fact they tell him they won’t make a cake because they only make cookies.

If it were me, I would probably say “sure, asshole, I’ll make your cake (or cookie)” because fuck him.  He’s doing it to be a troll, they have to be well aware he’s being a troll and the best response is to say you’ll do it.

But never mind what I would choose to do.  Fact is he is engaging in a mother of a false equivalence project.  When he launches into his gay agenda tirade, it reminds me why there are protected classes.

Because there are douchebags out there who will make up shit to persecute the people who are protected.

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